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Nonmetallic Case: Rubber O-Ring Failure
By: admin on February 25, 2013

This blog post is part of our Nonmetallic Laboratory Cases collection, which examines unique challenges our nonmetallic experts helped clients overcome.

A manufacturer utilizing rubber o-rings in a hydraulic application was finding leaking fittings in returned product. O-rings were removed from the fittings and submitted to Sherry Laboratories for testing. New o-rings from the same batch were also submitted.  The samples were visually inspected and tested for Chemistry, Durometer Hardness, Tensile Strength, and Elongation. Results indicated the correct rubber polymer type was being utilized however the hardness and tensile strength were significantly lower than required. The customer recalled all product containing the out of specification o-rings and replaced them with new o-rings from a batch which had been verified as meeting the material specification requirements.

Although many of our clients have routine production testing, Sherry's nonmetallic testing lab also serves manufacturers in a variety of industries in their problem-solving and investigative endeavours. Read more stories about how we've helped customers solve real challenges, including an automotive supplier with leaking fuel tanks and a manufacturer of specialty water pumps with discolration in areas of their polyacetal housings. Or, if you have a challenge of your own that we may be able to help with, we welcome the opportunity to provide you a quote for our services or discuss how we can help.

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