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Nonmetallic Case: Discolored Area in Plastic Pump Housing
By: Admin on November 8, 2012

This blog post is part of our Nonmetallic Laboratory Cases collection, which examines unique challenges our nonmetallic experts helped clients overcome.

A manufacturer of specialty water pumps was finding dark discolored areas in areas of their polyacetal housings. Chemists at Sherry Laboratories tested both the good and bad areas of a part using FTIR spectroscopy and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC). The spectrum and thermal analysis result revealed that the discolored area was polyacetal but yet differed slightly in chemistry and thermal behavior. It was suspected that the discolored area was degraded polyacetal. A portion of the good material was heated to force degradation of the material, and subsequently tested by FTIR and DSC. Test results showed a good match between the lab reference of degraded material and the discolored material coming from the customer’s part. The customer used the information to help determine that an incorrect processing condition had existed when the part was molded.

Although many of our clients have routine production testing, Sherry's nonmetallic testing lab also serves manufacturers in a variety of industries in their problem-solving and investigative endeavours. Read more stories about how we've helped customers solve real challenges, including an automotive supplier with leaking fuel tanks and a manufacturer of specialty water pumps with discolration in areas of their polyacetal housings. Or, if you have a challenge of your own that we may be able to help with, we welcome the opportunity to provide you a quote for our services or discuss how we can help.

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